ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing MemberRx as the exclusive distributor for certain specialty medications

March 28, 2023

The ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust (ETFO ELHT) recently designated MemberRx as the exclusive pharmacy distributor for certain high-cost specialty medications. This means that certain specialty drugs will only be covered under your ETFO ELHT benefits plan if they are dispensed to you by MemberRx.

This change will begin to take effect in June 2023.  You are only impacted by this change if you or your family member(s) are taking a specialty drug

To read the full communication sent to ETFO ELHT plan members on March 28, 2023, please click here.

If you are a plan member who is taking one of the specialty drugs on this list, or one of your dependants is taking one of these medications, you should have received this communication on March 29 or 30, 2023.

A MemberRx FAQ can be found on OTIP’s website at this link.



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