4th Annual Plan Member Meeting was held on September 23, 2021

October 6, 2021

The Board of Trustees for the ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) held its fourth Annual Plan Member Meeting on September 23, 2021.  Plan Members were invited to participate through a live audio stream.

The ETFO ELHT Board presented an overview of the 2020 Annual Report. (2MB pdf)  Plan Members  Plan Members can also access the September 23rd presentation:

  • View the visual presentation with audio recording of the meeting  OR 
  • Copy and paste the following link into your Chrome or Firefox browser:                                                                                                                                                            https://etfo-elhtbenefits.ca/media/092321_ETFO_ELHT_UTH_Video_NoQA.mp4

The ETFO ELHT Board of Trustees will continue to communicate with Plan Members through the website www.etfo-elhtbenefits.ca and through email.

If you have questions about the Annual Meeting presentation, please contact the ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) at inquiries@etfo-elht.ca.


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